E.T, Terminator, Jaws, all classic films. However when these movie gems were translated to game format something went wrong. Something went VERY wrong. In fact it is said that the game of E.T was so bad it was responsible for the video game crash of ’83. Unfortunately the trend of making quick and sloppy licensed games hasn’t changed since then and we are still to this day, as consumers, getting pap shovelled down our throats whenever a new game based on a film is released. Star Wars the Phantom Menace, Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, Terminator Salvation. Can you see where I’m going? Movie franchise reboots haven’t been known to prove 100% popular with the populace either. Again when directors feel the need to play around with, and change beloved silver screen classics from our past they usually become blindsided with computer graphics and deliver hollow shells of films that barley resemble those from our childhoods. So now we come (in a rather topsy turvy roundabout way) to my point. When something comes along that is both a licensed game of a great franchise AND a franchise revival you can’t help wiping the moisture off of your palms as you start breaking out in a cold sweat. Especially when that something is Ghostbusters the video game.


Well you will be glad to hear that Ghostbusters transcends the moulds of the majority of movie-based games and film reboots that have come before it. It not only performs solidly as a great shooter. It also acts admirably as the third film in the Ghostbusters canon.

As far as presentation and effort goes this game really does get a solid A. with a script penned by original writers Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, the dialogue throughout the game is absolutely spot on and ties in perfectly with the humour of the previous films. But what good would the script be without the original cast in tow? Not very good. But once again you can lay your fears to rest at the door as the entire cast has been reassembled to provide voice work for the game. Even Bill Murray decided to join the party. And its not just the Ghostbusters returning, oh no, the original actors for Janine Melnitz and Walter Peck also reprise their roles for the game. And it goes without saying that the soundtrack throughout the game is also that of the first two films. Sweet.

So that’s the script, music and voice acting all sorted, but how does this game look? Well this is a bit of a double-edged area. The ‘busters themselves look amazing. The likenesses are incredibly life like and believable (bar a few ugly moments where the lip syncing is ridiculously off) and the proton packs almost become their own character they look that fantastic. However the environments do look very bland throughout most of the game, and apart from a few notable areas they don’t really stand out at all. Furthermore this point is only exacerbated by just how good the character models really do look. When you see how much time and effort went into them you really cant help but wonder why the same amount of care and detail couldn’t go into the world itself.


As far as the gameplay itself goes, and as I mentioned earlier, it performs very solidly indeed. It’s the result of putting Resi, Dead Space, Luigi’s Mansion and Gears in a blender, whisking it up but only taking out the very core mechanics from each one. Which is in no way a bad thing and defiantly gets the job done. At the end of the day it’s the gameplay that counts and you will be coming back for more. With plenty of trophies to earn, ghosts to scan, artefacts to collect and a better than average online multiplayer there is defiantly a lot here to add to the relatively short campaign mode.

So after the hype, worries and fear how does Ghostbusters fare? Well look at it this way; original cast and music? Tick. Original Ghostbusters humour? Tick. Rewarding fun gameplay? Tick. Does busting make you feel good? Tick. As you can see aside from the boring backgrounds there is not a lot here that should be keeping from going straight out to your local games store and putting your sweaty mitts on a copy of this game. Go on. After all don’t you deserve it? So go forth, strap on your unlicensed nuclear accelerator and re live you childhood the way it was always meant to be.


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