Well then! It would appear I’ve got a week to wait until I can trade in some old fap and lay my hands on Bioshock Infinite and Sly 4. So what to do to pass the time? Well there was a game released way back in 2007 on the PlayStation 2 called Rogue Galaxy. An epic sprawling space opera made by those fine people at Level 5. It was a game that I always wanted to play but for some reason or another (money, chasing pussy etc.) I never did.


Well I now have a week ahead of me with no new games to play. And after recently completing Level 5’s latest masterpiece Ni No Kuni I feel like I’m on a bit of a Level 5 bender. So I thought that there would be no better time to stick it in the old PS2 and give it a whirl!

I’m only an hour or so in and already started the time honoured tradition of listening to a podcast whilst I grind away and I must say I’m having a blast! The orchestral score is brilliant. The characters are bright, funny and interesting. The real time action oriented combat is responsive and different. Although not an entire world away from Level 5’s other two previous RPG classics Dark cloud and Dark Chronicle. And I’ve only just started touching the upgrade system (think Final Fantasy X’s levelling up grid but with items). And boy those beautiful cell shaded graphics! Think Dragon Quest VIII but with lasers and guns!


So yeah, this isn’t really a review or retrospective. Just letting you know what I’m up to and what my coming posts are probably going to be centred on over the next week or so. There will still be a Random Retro Corner and maybe some posts from some guest writers. So plenty to look forward to! So I guess I’ll sign off by saying move over Mass Effect there’s a new…or old…Space Odyssey in town!!!


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