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GOOD MORNING WORLD! Ok so I know it’s been a while but not to bore you with the details apparently planning a marriage takes up more time that I initially thought. That and Borderlands 2 and all its glorious DLC isn’t gonna play itself right?!?

Ok so here we go again. Just a tiny little review of a brilliant little IOS game to get me back into the swing of things! And the game in question is Rayman Jungle Run!

This game is the perfect example of two things. First, it’s the perfect example of how to make and update an iPhone game. Secondly it’s a perfect example of a developer not being lazy and just porting over a mobile version of the original console game.


See Rayman Origins is one of the finest examples of the platforming genre this generation. Old school in its difficulty and requirement for the player to have pinpoint precision with the controls, it would have surely been a mess on a touch screen gaming device. No doubt requiring the player to use those nasty virtual touch screen directional buttons. Yuck. So rather than do that, Ubisoft have gifted the world with an all new Rayman game, albeit in the same glorious cartoon style that mimics Origins and now Rayman Legends.


The whole premise of the game is that you start off with four worlds that each showcase Raymans different abilities, jumping, flying, wall running and punching. The player is then propelled forward through each stage like an infinite runner a la Jetpack Joyride or Canabalt. So instantly the issue of having to use directional buttons is nullified. All the player has to do is worry about tapping two buttons. One for jumping and one for punching. This creates one of the most streamlined and enjoyable mobile platforming experiences to date.

In each stage there will be 100 Lums (little yellow glowing fly things) to collect. Often this proves a tough but thoroughly addictive challenge. Do this and then you will get a red tooth. Collect 5 of these and then you will unlock an underworld level for that stage. Now these are tough! REALLY TOUGH! I’m not even exaggerating! These are some of the hardest levels in a platfroming game I have ever come across! There are no Lums to worry about in these stages, just pure hard-core platforming! However they are designed so well that you cannot help but try, try and try again! And the feeling of accomplishment that you get when completing one of these stages is palpable!


The music is taken straight from the console games but changes each time you play or retry a level. A small but ingenious stroke. This means that on the tougher stages that you are constantly retrying you are never bombarded with the same tune again and again!

So there you have it. At this point in time Rayman Jungle Run has also had a lot of free updates. Most of which have bought whole new worlds for you to tackle bringing the grand to total up to seven. And all of these updates are free. The only micro transaction in sight is for new character skins which is a measly 69p. this is how IOS gaming should be. A perfect game. go buy it!

Oh there are also lots of wallpapers to unlock and achievements to obtain….GO BUY THIS GAME NOW!


Having moved house this week it would be a fair statement to say that I have been stressed out! Hella stressed out! What with shelves breaking on me, earrings getting lodged in my foot and splinters tearing my hand apart it’s been a harrowing experience. Thank the powers that be then for the stress relieving Mayan powers of Vanished: The Island.

vanished island 3

A short, but nonetheless lovingly designed and surprisingly beautifully scored, IOS game that was released this week VTI has been the tonic that I desperately needed to put my mind off those moving blues.

Bought to us by those fine people at Skyhorse Interactive, VTI is a first person point and click adventure game. Think of classics in the genre such as Myst and Riven and you’ll get the idea.

vanished island 2

You start the game by receiving an invitation to a mysterious island where your aunt (whom has vanished) was working on excavating some Mayan ruins. It becomes apparent quite quickly that this is no ordinary disappearance as events take a turn toward the paranormal as you start coming across strange and unexplained phenomena.

The game itself is powered by Unity and as such all the pre rendered backgrounds look very swish indeed. Special mention has to be made to the lighting effects, the lens glare used often would give JJ Abrams cause to stop and admire. And the water effects, although used sparingly, look absolutely beautiful and definitely fill you with a relaxing calm whenever you come across a babbling brook or glistening stream.

The music in this game caught me off guard as well with just how well produced it sounded. It strides confidently between spooky and mysteriously atmospheric where appropriate and really adds some depth and emotion sorely lacking in other IOS games in the same genre.

vanished island 1

I only have two very minor complaints with the overall product. The first is that there were only a couple of points in the game where the puzzles felt genuinely challenging. DAMN YOU TILE SLIDING PUZZLES! THOU SHALL EVER BE THE BANE OF MY LIFE! Most solutions were very obvious and only required the dragging of an item onto the interactive object. This brings me onto my second niggle, and that is due to the puzzles being quite easy I flew through the game in about an hour.

HOWEVER even with these complaints I truly madly and deeply enjoyed my time on the island. I loved exploring it, and taking in all the stunning backgrounds was a genuine visual treat (I even screen captured some to use as wallpaper on my phone they were that tasty) and as I said it was a perfect game to unwind with and forget about all the stress and hassle that comes with moving house.

Now the game does leave itself open for a sequel and I am getting married in august. This too, I imagine, will give me my fair share of grey hairs so, Skyhorse, do you think you could release VTI2 by then? Cheers! And thank you once more!

vanished island